Our marketing campaigns incorporate a broad range of channels including telemarketing, direct mail, email, mobile, digital and social media. What typifies this approach is a focus on the consumer, the intelligent use of data and the intention to engage with the target audience. With response and data at the core of our omnipresent approach to marketing we have the ability to deliver a clear ROI. Multi-channel marketing campaigns can achieve a variety of brand objectives beyond purely driving sales, cross selling and client retention including increasing brand affinity, creating word of mouth and recruitment.

It's vital for brands to map out a clear strategy with regards to how they intend to capture, retain and utilize consumer data. A segmentation strategy is an essential aspect of developing data driven insights which can greatly improve the results of a marketing campaign.

Here at PT. VAJA VAST UTAMA we strive to maximise our response rates and ensure that we're constantly testing and tweaking each facet of our multidiscipline marketing campaigns, from creative output to formatting in order to generate the best ROI for our clients. This is achieved through an in-depth understanding of how consumers engage with varied marketing techniques.